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1/144 Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM

Jan 24, 2021 · 1/144 Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM. Description:You are bidding one 1/144 scal model, it is hand built and hand paint . Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM. Item 100% new. Shipping:I post worldwide. For normal airmail the postage is $7 worldwide. Expected delivery time is 4 weeks for European countries or the US/Canada.

1/35 Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM, full

Hobby Boss 85509 1/35 scale Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM. This kit includes parts for the assembly of one plastic model kit. The set requires both glue and paint in order to be completed. Paints and glue are not included. For modelers a 9K79-Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM, HobbyBoss 82935 (2021)Marketplace. None of our partner shops or mates has this currently for sale. In-box reviews . External reviews. We don't know about any in-box reviews for this 9K79-Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM (#82935) from HobbyBoss.

9M79 "Tochka" (SS-21 "Scarab") Short Range Ballistic Missile

NATO Designation SS-21 "Scarab". The 9M79 "Tochka" short range ballistic missile complex was developed in 1972 and in 1973 it entered service in the Soviet armed forces with infantry and armored regiments. This complex is intended to defeat the most important enemy objects:nuclear strike means, missile launch positions, airfields, command :Hobby Boss 1/35 Scale Russian 9K79 Tochka The Tochka short-range ballistic missile system (NATO Designation SS-21 Scarab) was developed to replace the Luna-M (FROG-7B) battlefield rockets. Its development began in 1968. Production commenced in 1973 however officially this missile system entered service with the


The 9K79, SS-21 Scarab NATO-codename and Tochka Russian nickname, is a short range ballistic missile designed to act as long range field artillery. It is a single-stage missile powered by solid fuel rocket motor and guided by an Inertial Navigation System (INS). Blast, fragmentation, submunitions, anti-radiation, and tactical nuclear warheads Category:OTR-21 Tochka - Wikimedia CommonsApr 26, 2020 · OTR-21 Tochka. Soviet short-range tactical ballistic missile with a fragmentation warhead that can be replaced by a nuclear, biological or chemical warhead. Upload media. Wikipedia. Instance of. missile system. Named after. point. Country of origin.

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  • Mô TLch s Hot ngQuc Gia s DngLiên Kt NgoàiAnalysis:Ukraine rebels claim Tochka ballistic missile Feb 02, 2015 · Ukrainian rebels claim to have shot down a 9M79-series tactical ballistic missile (TMB) fired from a 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 'Scarab') series missile system near Luhansk on the night of 1/2 February. The claim, if true, would indicate that anti-Kiev forces have an Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM (Plastic model Our shop retails 1/35 Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM (Plastic model) Hobby Boss 85509 Military Model on the Web.

    SS-21 Scarab:Russia's Forgotten (But Deadly) Ballistic

    Sep 12, 2016 · The 9K79 Tochka missile was a smaller, more effective design that entered service in 1975. While the FROG-7 fired unguided rockets, the Tochka SS-21 Skarabeus VikipeediaTranslate this page

    • kirjelduskasutamine LahingutesKasutajadVälislingidOTR-21 Tochka and similar weapons FrankensaurusTactical ballistic missile, initially developed by the Soviet Union. Also known by its NATO reporting name SS-1C Scud-B. Wikipedia 9M14 Malyutka Manual command to line of sight (MCLOS) wire-guided anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system developed in the Soviet Union.

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      Translate this pageSs-21 Tochka, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. 241 likes · 2 talking about this. -21 / / Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) interior 36 404 1/35 - Eduard36 405 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) exterior 1/35 H30 42 17 18 16 25 26 30 45 7 5 46 6 37 36 2 pcs. Related product:Title:36404_%_Tochka_SS21Scarab_interior_1_35 NAV.cdr Author:

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      Oct 20, 2018 · The SS-21 SCARAB (9K79 Tochka) single-stage, short-range, tactical-ballistic missile is transported and fired from the 9P129 6x6 wheeled transporter erector launcher. It is supported by a