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The DePuy Synthes 3.5 mm Curved LCP Plates are intended for fixation of fractures, osteotomies and nonunions of the clavicle, scapula, olecranon, humerus, radius, pelvis, distal tibia and fibula, particularly in osteopenic bone for adult patients. The DePuy Synthes 4.5 mm Curved LCP Plates are intended for fixation of various long bones, such

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3.5 mm locking straight plates (reconstruction plates) Fracture-specific plates:locking medial hook plates, locking lateral hook plates, and anatomic distal fibular plates The system can also be customized to include the FibuLock ® fibular nail (an MIS solution for ankle fractures), posterolateral fibula plates, and/or 2.7 mm cortical screws China Distal Clavicle Reconstruction Locking Plate factory An orthopedic implant of clavicle reconstruction locking plate is suitable for distal clavicle fractures. Used for 3.0 locking screw, 3.0 cortex screw, 4.0 locking screw, 3.5 cortex screw and 4.0 cancellous screw, matched with 3.0 series orthopedic instrument set and 4.0

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virtual mandible reconstruction and an individual plate design with optional online participation of the surgeon. Plate design is based upon a CT scan of the patient. Customizable Design Features Selecting specific plate design features like profile height, length and run of the plate allow for the creation of patient specific solutions. Infections associated with locking reconstruction plates Patients and methods:All patients, treated with a locking reconstruction bone plate/screw system for mandible fractures in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery service over a 28-month period at a level I trauma center, were evaluated through a retrospective chart review by independent examiners. The use of a locking reconstruction plate was determined by the attending staff involved in the patient's care.

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Round Hole Reconstruction Locking Plates 3.5 4 LCP Reconstruction Plates 4.5/5.0 5 LCP Metaphyseal Plates 3.5 6 LCP Metaphyseal Plates 3.5/4.5/5.0 6 LCP Clover Leaf Plates 3.5 7 LCP T-Plates 3.5 7 LCP T-Plates 4.5/5.0 8 LCP T-Buttress Plates 4.5/5.0 9 LCP L-Buttress Plates 4.5/5.0 9 Clavicle LCP Clavicle Hook Plates 3.5 10 Humerus Philos 3.5 11 LCP Distal Humeral Plates 2.7/3.5 12 LCP Metaphyseal Plates Locking Plate SystemBasic Fragment Locking Plate Systems. e Systems include 3mm readed Hole 1/3 Tubular Plates; 4 and 5mm readed Hole Reconstruction Plates; and 4 and 5mm Compression Plates (Locking compatible). e Compression Plates can act as conventional compression plates or can be converted to locking plates by using the appropriate Locking Inserts.

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Locking Plates Polyaxial Drill Guides allow pilot holes to be drilled with an angulation up to 10 degrees in every direction when used with Locking Plates * Knott, P.D., et al. Evaluation of Hardware-Related Complications in Vascularized Bone Grafts with Locking Mandibular Reconstruction Plate Fixation. Medical Equipment - Supplies Company International Curved Reconstruction Locking Plate 4.5mm. View detail add to Cart. Medial Proximal Tibia Locking Plate 4.5mm. View detail add to Cart. One Third Tubular Locking Plate. View detail add to Cart. Locking Rigid Plate. View detail add to Cart. 2.4mm Locking Distal Radius Dorsal Plate, Straight.

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A locking reconstruction plate 2.4 is the implant of choice with an adequate length (at least three holes on either side of the fracture zone are required) straight or prebent for use in the angle. Locking plate principles. Plate contouring Contouring of reconstruction plates is demanding. Operative treatment of clavicle midshaft fractures BACKGROUND:To compare the outcomes of reconstruction plate and reconstruction locking compression plate (LCP) for the treatment of clavicle midshaft fractures. METHODS:Forty one patients with a clavicle midshaft fracture were treated by internal fixation with a reconstruction plate (19 patients) or reconstruction LCP (22 patients).

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Reconstruction Locking Plates SYSTEM 3.5. Width:10 + Locking screws Ø3.5mm + Cortical screws Ø3.5mm Reconstruction Plates at Best Price in IndiaStainless Seel,ium Reconstruction Plates 3.5mm, Size:4 Hole To 16 Hole. 450. Best Orthopaedic. Pelvic Symphyseal Plate3.5 mm, 123.S. 4,550. Nebula Surgical Private Limited. Reconstruction Mandible Plate, Thickness:2.0mm, Size:8 To 30 Hole. 800. Sharma Orthopedic (India) Private Limited.

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The reconstruction safety lock Plate 4.5/5.0 is intended for fixation of fractures, osteotomies, and non-union of clavicle, scapula, olecranon, humerus, radius, ulna, pelvis, distal tibia, fibula, particularly in osteopenic bone. All holes of the shaft accommodate Cortex Screw Ø 4.5mm, Self-tapping, and Safety Lock Screw Ø 5.0mm. Reconstruction of Mandibular Defects IntechOpenJun 26, 2013 · Installation of the 2.4 locking reconstruction plate. The presence of plate protects the jaw of a possible fracture. Figure 36. Mandibular bony reconstruction 8 months after resection. The receptor site of the graft should be prepared by removing part of the bone cortex. This favors the incorporation of the graft.

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offers 1,646 reconstruction locking compression plates products. A wide variety of reconstruction locking compression plates options are available to you,Use of a locking reconstruction bone plate/screw system Purpose:This study examined the use of a locking reconstruction bone plate/screw system for use in mandibular surgery. Patients and methods:All patients treated with a locking reconstruction bone plate/screw system for fractures of the mandible or continuity defects in an 18-month period were prospectively studied. Ease of use of the locking plate/screw system, characteristics of the