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Brazil Contact Details:0055 (19) 3514-0100. Av. John Dalton, no 92 Módulo 1, CEP 13069-330. Techno Park, Campinas, SP. [email protected] Indaiatuba. In 2019, we completed the first field trial in Brazil of the 2nd Generation Friendly Aedes aegypti, OX5034.

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OXITEC® 5000 Durable oxygen analyzers for exact and fast process control. The OXITEC ® 5000 oxygen analyzer is developed and manufactured in Germany by ENOTEC. Food Sustainability OxitecFood Sustainability. Oxitecs Friendly insects are being developed to be targeted, safe, and sustainable systems for protecting crops against the growing threat of the worlds most damaging pests. Precision crop protection. Oxitecs Friendly technology has been developed to provide precision-based pest suppression system that is

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OXITEC 5000 has proven itself as the reference InSitu O2 analyzer and provides reliable process measurements, typically for many years. ENOTEC produces oxygen analyzers for fast and precise combustion control. The OXITEC analyzers are developed and manufactured in-house in Germany according to ISO 9001. OXITEC - 5000 ECONOMY - Oxygen Analyser System BrochureOXITEC - 5000 ECONOMY - Oxygen Analyser System Brochure ENOTECOXITEC® 5000 ECONOMYOxygen Analyser System ENOTECTechnical Data ProbeMeasuring principle:Zirconia oxide sensorMax. flue gas temperature:400 °C / 1400 °C (*with cooling tube)Immersion length:300, 400, 500, 800 mm (400 °C version) 500, 1000 mm (1400 °C version)Material:ss 316 Ti/ss 304 (1.4571


OXITEC 5000 is TÜV approved ac-cording to EN 15267 for governmental controlled emission monitoring. This certification has shown OXITEC to be the superior O analyzer on the world- 2market, offering a unique maintenance interval of a full 6 months, 3 months lon-ger than any competitive analyzer. OXITEC - Model 5000 - Oxygen Analyzer - Technical OXITEC - Model 5000 - Oxygen Analyzer - Technical Datasheet ENOTEC GmbH. Höher Birken 6 , Marienheide , 51709. Germany. Environmental XPRT News

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OXITEC® 5000 - Probe Process gas temperature:max. 500 °C (932 °F) up to 1400 °C (2552 °F) with cooling protection tube Immersion depth:KEX 5001:464mm KEX 5002:924mm Immersion depth with cooling tube:500mm / 1000mm others on request Measuring principle:Zirconium oxide OXITEC 5000 - Electronic UnitOXITEC® 5000 - Probes Process gas temperature:max. 500°C/932°F Up to 1400°C/2552°F with cooling protection tube Immersion depth:KEX5001:464mm KEX5002:924mm Immersion depth with cooling tube:500mm / 1000mm Others on request Measuring principle:Zirconium oxide Process gas pressure:

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* ®The OXITEC 5000 Economy System can be used in some selected higher temperature applications to 1400 °C. The Economy System is intended and suitable for use in relative clean-gas applications only. Technical Data Electronic Construction:Sheet steel housing with window Dimensions:400 mm x 300 mm x 225 mm Protection:IP65 Weight:5 kg approx. OXITEC 500E Oxygen Analyzer for 19" racks ENOTECInformation The OXITEC ® 500E extractive analyzer contains the same sensor technology used in the proven OXITEC ® 5000 InSitu oxygen analyzer. In combination with an ENOTEC gas sampling and conditioning system, the OXITEC ® 500E measures oxygen content wet or

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Oxitec is developing and commercialising an effective and environment-friendly proprietary technology for the control of significant insect pests. Oxitecs technology has the potential to make a major contribution for both global health and agriculture by combating insects responsible for serious diseases such as dengue fever as well as. Oxitec 5000 - Lias IndustrialOxitec 5000. An essential precondition for a safe and efficient combustion process is the fast and exact measurement of 02. The volume of oxygen in the combustion is the parameter which needs to be controlled. A target range of 0.5 - 2%. 02 is desirable and also attainable with ENOTEC systems.


Jan 29, 2011 · Oxitec is the leading developer of biological solutions to control pests that transmit disease, destroy crops and harm livestock. LATEST NEWS. May 20, 2021. Oxitec Launches New Program to Target Growing Global Cattle Tick Challenge. May 20, 2021. PROCESS MEASURING AND EMISSIONS MONITORING OXITEC® 5000 OXYGEN ANALYZERS The OXITEC 5000 o 2 analyzer system is the reference product for all InSitu o 2 analyzers on the market. Its unbeatab-le robustness, process response time, accuracy and versatility make it the # 1 choice for almost all o 2 process measu - rement and CEmS applications - even in most aggressive processes. OXITEC

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Public Health. Oxitec is pioneering innovative biological insect control technology to combat mosquitoes that transmit diseases. Oxitecs 2nd Generation Friendly mosquito delivered up to 96% suppression of wild Aedes aegypti populations compared to a control site in OXITEC 5000 GasEx - Explosion protected oxygen analyzer Information The OXITEC ® 5000 GasEx is a robust oxygen analyzer which combines the reliability and quality of OXITEC® analyzers with the stringent standards necessary for EX protection for maximum plant safety. ENOTEC certifies its analyzers under process-similar conditions to ensure reliable and safe process control in gas hazardous zones 1/2.