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AISI P20 Tool Steel. AISI P20 tool steel Manufacturer and Exporter,supplied with round,square,flat,block,and shaft etc.AISI P20 is a Cr-Mo alloyed steel as per ASTM A681.It is generally supplied in the hardened and tempered condition with hardness 285-340 HBW.Compared with P20+S(1.2312), it has good polishing and texturing properties,good machinability,and uniform hardness.

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Grade Introduction:C-20 carbon steel is an unalloyed low carbon mild steel grade supplied as a hot rolled or bright drawn finish bar. As a low carbon steel grade, it provides low strength with good machinability and is suitable for welding. High Hardness Steel P20-HRC 40-Plastic Mould Steel-1.2738High Hardness Steel P20 HRC 40 is the Versatile, Low-Alloy Steel. It has Good Toughness at Common Strength Levels. To put it another way, Steel P20 HRC 40 Contains a Variety of Carbon and its Alloy. This high hardness steel p20 is best for making tools. and plastic mould steel is

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Hardness Employed (HRC) 29 - 33 (Round Bar) 38 - 42 (Flat Bar) 33 - 37 37-42 37-41 38 - 42 50 - 55 56 - 62 60-63 60-65 35-45 52-57 Material Type P20 improved 420 improved 420 improved and resulpherized 630 improved Cr contained NiAl precipitation grade P20 improved P21 improved P21 improved and resulpherized H13 improved and resulpherized 420 Index [pasteel]High Carbon/High Chrome Tool Steel As the result of its special annealed structure, developed and tested over a period of several years, AISI Type D2 is the ideal grade for maximum production runs.

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P20 is a low-alloy tool steel typically used for plastic injection mold cavities and die casting dies. P20 is typically sold in a pre-hard condition with a 28-32 on the Rockwell C Scale. P20 High Hard (HH) Mold Steel (A.K.A. P20HH) P20 high hard is an improved P20 with a 34-38 on the Rockwell C Scale. Non-Stainless Steels EDROP20 MQ is a vacuum-degassed, ladle refined, CrNi-Mo-alloyed steel which is supplied in the hardened and tempered condition, offering the following benefits: Hot work tool steel with high hardness, specially developed for use in warm forging applications or for forging dies. BÖHLER W360 ISOBLOC has a significantly higher toughness than 1

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Steel Factory High Quality Big Size P20+Ni 1.2738 Steel Round Bar, P20 Round bars US $500-670 / Ton; Plastic die steel round bar P20+Ni / DIN1.2378 from factory, P20 Round bars US $500-1500 / Metric Ton; Supplier 260mm 42crmo mild steel round bar price p20 steel price, P20 Round bars US $400-550 / Metric Ton P20 Steel - West Yorkshire Steel - ISO 9001 ApprovedP20 is an alloy tool steel which offers good machineability even in the hardened and tempered (Brinell 300) condition. This steel gives an excellent polished finish and is one of the most widely accepted specifications for machine cut plastic moulds and casting dies. P20 is often supplied in the hardened and tempered condition ready for machining.

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p20 steel 60X410. P20 tool steels are nitrided or carburized. These steels are capable of being machined into complex and large dies and molds. P20 The presence of chromium and nickel enhances the toughness and hardness of P20 steels. steels are mostly used in the carburized condition. MECHANICAL PROPERTIES. Copy of Mechanical Properties of the P20 Steel P20 Steel Chemical Composition P20 1.2738, 1.2311 High Hardness Steel P20 HRC 40 We are Supplying High Hardness Steel P20 HRC 40 for Plastic Moulds. We have High Hardness Steel HRC 40 Plastic Mould Steel, P20 Grade 1.2738, P20 Steel 1.2311 and 1.2316 in ready stock. We Supplying High Hardness Steel

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P20 is the Pre Hardened Plastic mould steel hardness distributed evenly in large cross sections that have excellent weldability with least hardness elevation, good mirror polishability and less streak texture making finishing easier. Size Section availability upto 255mm thickness. Supply hardness P20 steel-DIN1.2311-1.2738 stockist & supplier.Nationwide P20 Steel (DIN1.2311/1.2738Ni) Suitable for medium and large size molds, injection molds, extrusion dies,aluminum die casting, forming tools, home equipment and other large daily goods eg containers. Excellent weldability with least hardness elevation. Good mirror polishability and less streak Making Easier texture finishing.

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P20S P20+S tool steel suppliers and stockholders delivering to the whole of the UK. West Yorkshire Steel are stockholders and suppliers of P20S steel round bar, flat bar and plate. P20+S is a high tensile alloy tool steel grade supplied in the hardened and tempered condition. Plastic Mould High Carbon Alloy Steel 1.2312 / P20+S High carbon alloy steel plate 1.2312 / P20+S plastic mould steel is a widely used plastic die steel in the world, as well as its comprehensive mechanical performance is good. It has high hardenability, and can makes large section steel earn a relatively uniform hardness, also it has good polishing performance.

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P 20 NI. Surface Treatment. Powder Coated. P20+Ni is updated version of plastic mold steel 0f 2311, which ordinarily supply in Pre hardened condition. Hardness in as supplied condition 280-320 HB. The extra nickel substance of 1 % increments through hardening. It is smaller scale alloyed. Pre Hardened Engineering Steel Bar 33 - 37 Hardness HRC High Quality Pre-hardened Engineering Tool Steel Bar P20 + Ni / 1.2738 / 718H P20+Ni is pre-hardened plastic mold steel. It is used for large, precisionk high polishing plastic moulds, such as car accessories, household appliance, electromic and audio-video products.

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Jan 30, 2016 · High chromium cold work tool steel with good toughness. Suitable for cold extrusion and forming, cold drawn, punching and blanking of high hardness metal sheet and stainless sheet. LKM 2767:6F7 (High toughness multi-purpose tool steel) Through Hardened:50-52:High strength and toughness, can be hardened to HRC 50~54.P-20 HI HARD Plastic Mold Alloy Steel - Diehl Tool Steel, Inc.Product Type Alloy Steel P-20 HI HARD is mold quality alloy steel supplied in the prehardened condition. Special melting and refining practices are utilized to produce a uniform product with exceptional cleanliness. These characteristics allow P-20 HI HARD to be polished to an extremely high finish required for plastic molding.