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The mechanical properties of pipelines particularly those in marine environments are influenced by corrosion activity of seawater throughout their service lives. The degree to which these properties are influenced in seawater compared to those

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In this study, fatigue failure behavior of welded X70 pipeline steel was investigated by rotating bar bending fatigue tests performed at room temperature. SN curves of base metal, weld and heat API 5L X60 Pipe Specifications (PSL1 & PSL2) - Octal SteelAPI 5L X60 is a common high grade pipe material in API 5L specifciations for oil and gas transmissions. Its also called L415 pipe, which named by yield strength minimum in 415 Mpa (60,200 psi).It covers manufacturing types in seamless (hot rolled and colde rolled), and welded in ERW, LSAW, SSAW (HSAW).. API 5L X60 pipe ranges in PSL1, PSL2, onshore/offshore, and sour service.

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Suppliers, stockist and exporter of API 5L X70 Welded Pipe. Whether you require API 5L X70 Welded Pipe, and belled-end pipe, standard length and diameter pipes and tubing, plain-end, or you want API 5L X70 Carbon Steel Welded Pipe for natural gas, or you need high strength, threaded-end, oil or water transport systems, arctic exploration and production, deep sour wells, offshore drilling and API 5L X70 welding filler metal - Welding, Bonding Aug 12, 2006 · MVPs. API 5L X70 welding filler metal. API 5L X70 welding filler metal. fakhmed (Mechanical) (OP) 8 Aug 06 08:05. Dear All, Can some body help me to determine the filler metal type to weld API 5L X70 pipe thickness 18mm with FCAW and SMAW process. Thank you.

Fatigue Crack Growth at Electrical Resistance Welding Seam

Mar 28, 2017 · In the current research work, fatigue crack growth was investigated in NPS 20, API 5L X-70 grade, electrical resistance welding (ERW) straight-seam steel line pipes in the base metal and at the weld seam for various orientations. Fatigue Crack Growth on Double Butt Weld with Toe Crack of Two types of pipeline material are studied with knowing API 5L grades X60 and X70 where tension form of loading is applied. In order to predict the fatigue behavior of the welded structure, a constant amplitude loading is applied where the influence of the stress ratio over the fatigue life is presented.

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For the latter, the welds were about one diameter apart. 406mm (16 inch) outside diameter (OD) by 19.1mm wall thickness (WT) seamless steel pipe to API 5L-X70 specification was used. The yield and tensile strengths of the parent and weld metals, both determined from tensile tests, are given in Table 1 . High cycle fatigue behaviors of API X65 pipeline steel Mar 08, 2021 · Base material was extracted from high strength low alloy API X65 pipelines, whose outer diameter and thickness are 273.1 mm and 14.27 mm. The chemical composition and mechanical properties are presented in Table 1, Table 2, respectively.The welded joints of X65 steel were welded by surface tension transfer (STT) as baking weld and gas metal arc welding (GMAW) as the filling weld.

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Correction to:Fatigue Behavior of Welded API 5L X70 Steel Used in Pipelines Sep 2020 ermin Özlem Turhan , Ali Motameni , Rza Gürbüz In the original article Fig. 3 is incorrect. Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention Volume 20 Aug 12, 2020 · Fatigue Behavior of Welded API 5L X70 Steel Used in Pipelines Authors. ermin Özlem Turhan; Ali Motameni; Rza Gürbüz; Content type:Technical Article---Peer-Reviewed; Published:18 August 2020; Pages:1554 - 1567


correlation to the weld quality and the smallest amount of noise, is consequently calculated. 7) Fatigue Behavior of Electric Resistance Welded Seams in API-X70 Steel. H. U. Hong, C. M. Kim, J. B. Lee. Proceedings of the 15th International Off-Shore and Polar Engineering Conference, Seoul, South Korea, June 19-24, 2005 Only p. 185. Low-Cycle Fatigue Properties of the X70 High-Frequency Low-Cycle Fatigue Properties of the X70 High-Frequency Electric-Resistant Welded Pipes. Mechanical Properties of High-Nb X80 Steel Weld Pipes for the Second West-to Mechanical Properties of High-Nb X80 Steel Weld Pipes for the Second West-to-East Gas Transmission Pipeline Project

Microstructural characterization and wide temperature

Beidokhti et al. Reference Beidokhti, Kokabi and Dolati 20 carried out the submerged arc welding method with single pass to weld the API 5L-X70 steel plates with 19.8 mm thickness and found that the titanium in the flux could avoid the formation of harmful manganese sulfide and refine the grains. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of API 5 L X 70 In this study, API 5L X70 steel roll materials welded via submerged arc welding technique (SAW). Macrostructure, microstructure and mechanical properties of welded samples were investigated. Tensile, hardness, Charpy impact and bending tests were performed to determine of mechanical properties. Macrostructure analyses showed that full penetration was achieved on welded parts.

Prediction of Corrosive Fatigue Life of Submarine

Corrosive fatigue failure of submarine pipelines is very common because the pipeline is immersed in a sea environment. In Bohai sea, many old pipelines are made of API 5L X56 steel materials, and it is necessary to provide an accurate method for predicting the residual life of these pipelines. As Paris law has been proven to be reliable in predicting the fatigue crack growth in metal materials Prediction of Corrosive Fatigue Life of Submarine the fatigue crack growth (FCG) behavior of an API 5L X56 pipeline with an initial crack under cyclic load is tested. Comparison between the prediction and the tested result indicates that the presented method is effective in evaluating the corrosive fatigue life of API 5L X56 pipelines.

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Jan 01, 2019 · API 5L and supermartensitic stainless steel pipes have been reported to be joined by friction welding , , .Faes et al. evaluated different pipeline steels such as API 5L X42, X52 and X70 with relatively small thickness (from 3 to 5 in. in diameter) , , .Other studies have involved a welding machine suitable to higher diameters (from 8 to 16 in. for API 5L X46 as well as Duplex Stainless Steel Stress corrosion cracking and fatigue crack growth of an Jan 01, 2019 · API 5L X70 steel is commonly used for the construction of long distance fuel pipelines transporting products such as diesel, gasoline, naphtha, petroleum, fuel oil, LNG and ethanol. The type of product to be transported is an important factor in the evaluation of environment-induced cracking, especially of welded joints, where fatigue cracks may originate at points of high stress concentration.


The fatigue behavior of base metal, weld metal and heat affected zone (HAZ) of circumferential and longitudinal welded joints of API 5L X-65 and API 5L X-70 pipeline steels, respectively, used in oil and gas transportation were studied. Variable amplitude fatigue tests