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For use with BG515 clamped pipe shoe When ordering, please quote the Part No. for required size. General Notes:BG550 Slide plate is intended for use with BG515 standard pipe shoe. Low Friction plate is welded to underside of pipe shoe. Low Friction Pad is bonded to Base Plate. PTFE is generally 15mm less all round than the Base Plate. PTFE to be covered with damp cloth while Base Plate is Certifications About APP Composite Wear Pads, Pipe All Products. Composite Isolators. ProTek Wear Pads; ProTek Flat Plate; ProTek Rods; ProTek Slide Plates; ProTek Package; Pipe Shoes. CryoTek Pipe Shoes; ProTek Pipe Shoes; T-Style Pipe Shoes ; Pipe Restraints. U-Bolts; Hold Down Straps; Hold Down Clamps; Pipe Hangers. Pipe Attachments; Structural Attachments; Rods & Hanger Accessories; Other Fabricated Supports. Pipe Stanchions

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Our product line includes all of the most common types of pipe support systems:Shim Blocks, Hold Down Clamps, Guide Clamps, Adjustable Pedestals, U-Bolts, Half Rounds, FRP Wear Pads, Etc. To allow for immediate interchangeability, the key dimensions and load/temperature limits of our products are compatible with those that are already considered standard within the industry. Custom-Built Industrial Piping Solutions Delta Machine Delta Machine & Ironworks is a leading Louisiana Manufacturer of Custom Pipe Supports, Piping Accessories and Plate Products. Rely on Deltas team of experienced fabricators, welders and machinists for all of your industrial construction project needs. Delta has been providing fanatical customer support for over 3 decades!

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Diamond Patterns Plates, Plastic Trackway Mat, Composite Ground Mats are manufactured using high quality body that helps making it waterproof as well as rustproof. UHMWPE Pipe Support UHMWPE Track Shoes for Excavator UHMWPE Plastic Chain Guides UHMWPE Conveyor Paddle UHMWPE Wear Block PVC PTFE products are also involved. We own the most Different Types of Pipe Supports Used in the Oil and Gas Jan 11, 2018 · Pipe supports are designed to carry the weight of pipes, any in-line equipment and material in the pipe for over a defined span. The major functions of pipe supports are to guide, anchor, absorb shock, and support load. The pipe supports that are used in extreme temperature applications may contain insulation materials.

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Jan 16, 2018 · If the coating is properly applied this will not be an issue. When using our ProTek Composite Pipe Shoes no preparation is necessary since they are banded to the pipe. Related Product(s):ProTek Composite Wear Pads, ProTek Composite Pipe Shoes, Epoxy (EX-100) Adhesive, Stainless Steel Banding FRP Wear PadMade from FRP fiberglass reinforced plastic (vinyl ester and epoxy resins), TRI*WEAR Wear Pads provide a non-conductive surface that has from 35,000 to 45,000 psi compressive strength and operating temperatures from -60°F to 500°F.

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I-ROD MATERIAL SUPPORTS THE PIPE AND. ELIMINATES MOISTURE. The half round shape of the I-Rod against the round pipe minimizes the contact point. I-Rod Material is water-shedding and exceptionally strong, so it can support the pipe without deforming or creeping over time, repelling moisture and protecting the pipe coating. Pipe Protection From Corrosion DynaGardDynaGards wear pad installation is made easy by its adhesive liner, allowing the corrosive-resistant composite shell to isolate the pipe and prevent damage caused by moisture penetration, movement due to expansion, and metal on metal contact with the pipe wear support. Fast, Easy and Cost Effective Pipe Corrosion Protection

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Pipe Support News . Click Button Learn More about Pipe Supports . Hi-Load box springs AKA Big ton springs. FRP Wear Pad (fiberglass reinforced plastic) available Pipe Shoe web pages updated and PDF Catalog available. Request All Products Catalog TRI*WEAR Wear Pads now available. Pipe Roller Web pages updated. TRI*GUARD thermoplastic Piping Designers . com - Section - 9A:Pipe Supports, Part We add two pieces piece of steel (T or channel) to the bottom of the pipe shoe, one on each side of the pipe support with a small (1/4) gap to avoid binding. Dummy Support Legs (or Dummy Legs) This is simply a piece of pipe extended from an elbow to provide support when a pipe line enters or leaves a pipe rack short of a

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All Products. Composite Isolators. ProTek Wear Pads; ProTek Flat Plate; ProTek Rods; ProTek Slide Plates; ProTek Package; Pipe Shoes. CryoTek Pipe Shoes; ProTek Pipe Shoes; T-Style Pipe Shoes ; Pipe Restraints. U-Bolts; Hold Down Straps; Hold Down Clamps; Pipe Hangers. Pipe Attachments; Structural Attachments; Rods & Hanger Accessories; Other Fabricated Supports. Pipe Stanchions Products - E-Z Line® Pipe Support Co., LLCWe manufacture the original E-Z Line ® Pipe Support, E-Z Line ® Pipe Clamp, Shim Block & Base Plate Assemblies, customized pipe clamps and supports, along with a wide variety of structural steel products including platforms, stair assemblies, ladders, handrails, and structural steel pipe racks. If its made from steel, we can design and fabricate it.

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Engineered Composite Solutions RPS Pipe Supports. Pipe Supports 2 assure best fit and to minimize exterior pipe wear. 17)Supports that require attachment to a structure are designed for FRP Wear Pad (1-12 Dia.) S8 Slide Shield (1-12 Dia.) S9 Pipe Cradle (1-10 Dia.) S9B TPI & FRP Wear Pads Archives Piping Technology FRP Wear Pads Also known as non-metallic wear pads, these products are used as corrosion protection for uninsulated piping systems and extend the life of the pipe. They also eliminate metal to metal contact and electrically isolate the piping from the pipe rack and other metal structural elements.

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C-SADDLE, LLC. C-SADDLE is the next generation protection between the pipe and pipe support that stops dangerous crevice corrosion. Our C-SADDLE uses a superior wear resistant structural NSM nylon sliding pad that has solid lubricant imbedded in the material that is over 300 times more abrasion resistant than Teflon with a similar coefficient of friction. What Is A Pipe Shoe? - Northern WeldarcSep 05, 2016 · Examples of rigid supports include:pipe shoes, slide plates, pipe hangers, dummy legs and struts. Considerations:Always ensure that the pipe shoe is robust enough to support the pipe and the process. Use a clamped typed pipe shoe when installing pipe shoes on a line that is lined internally with a material that is sensitive to heat.

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Pipe Shields Insulated Pipe Supports (Cold & Hot Shoes) Cryogenic Pipe Supports (Cold Shoes) High Temperature Pipe Supports (Hot Shoes) Slide Bearing Plates. PTFE, 25% Glass Filled Slide Plates; Bronzphite® Slide Plates; Graphite Slide Plates; Marinite® Slide Plates; Snubbers, Sway Braces & Sway Struts. Hydraulic Snubbers; Mechanical Snubbers; Sway Braces; Sway Struts; TPI & FRP Wear Pads. Thermoplastic Isolator (TPI) FRP Wear PadsProTek Wear Pads I FRP Composite Non-Metallic Wear Pad Overview. APPs proprietary ProTek Wear Pads are industry-leading FRP composite wear pads that are designed to stop metal-to-metal piping damage by isolating pipes. ProTek Wear Pads are easy to install, can withstand temperatures from -320°F to +400°F, and are used in a wide variety of industries to keep pipes from scraping against I-beams or concrete supports.