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Blast hits gas pipeline in Syria, US suspects ISIS AW

Syrias oil and gas infrastructure has been hit over the past years by acts of sabotage, but no one has ever claimed responsibility for such attacks. The nine-year civil war, which has killed more than 400,000 people, has also badly affected oil and gas fields, many of which are outside government control.

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Caren Firouz / Reuters The Russian intervention adds a new layer. Russia would rather see the IranIraqSyria pipeline built or no pipeline at all, so that it can best control gas supplies to Europe, its main market. For Qatar, Syria represents an opportunity to transport its gas to market cheaply or block Iran from dominating pipeline exports from a jointly-owned field. Pipeline Politics in the Syrian Civil War - UNICORN RIOTPipeline Politics in the Syrian Civil War. Oil politics in the Syrian civil war is a complex web of money deception and proxy war. What began as non-violent grassroots rebellion against Bashar al Assad and the Syrian state has morphed into a complex proxy war involving countless factions and alliances competing for control of oil, and territory.

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Russia and Turkey Send Troops to Syria, Build New Gas Pipeline at Home. By Tom O'Connor On 6/23/17 at 12:43 PM EDT. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Gazprom Chief Executive Alexei Miller SYRIA :A NONSENSICAL « PIPELINE-TRIGGERED » WAR It is worth noting that Russian meddling, motivated by gas pipeline projects, is ignored by the very ones who denounced an alleged action of the CIA conducted by Qatar in Syria in 2011. However, it is clear that the stakes of the war in Syria are first of all Syrian,

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The Syrian Gas Company estimated the losses resulting from the explosion of the gas pipeline at 800 million Syrian pounds, including the loss of wasted gas and the cost of repair operations. The director of the company said in a statement to Sham FM radio yesterday that the southern stations in Syria feed 6-7 million cubic meters per day. Syria-Ukraine. Gas pipeline wars:U.S.-Russia alliance It will deprive Turkey of its stratus of a transit country:no gas pipelines are laid along the territories Dar al-Harb (house of war in Islam). Hence, gas supply through pipelines from the Middle East to Europe are possible only in case there are stable, non-conflicting and friendly governments. In Syria, everything is

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In 2013, much of Syria was hit by a power cut after rebel shelling hit a gas pipeline during the countrys civil war. peline is a natural gas pipeline in the Middle East. It originates near Arish in the Sinai Peninsula and was built to export Egyptian natural gas to Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, with branch underwater and overland pipelines to Syrias oil, gas and water - the Immiscible Solution to Syrias oil, gas and water the Immiscible Solution to the War in Syria. There is a major battle going on for control of Syrias oil and gas industry among the U.S., Russia, Iran and Turkey. The roots of the Syrian Civil War can be traced to conflicts over the control of Syrias energy.

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Six years into a conflict that has killed at least 400,000 people, there is a widely held belief that the bloodshed in Syria is simply another war over Middle Eastern energy resources. The The End Of Syrias Pipeline War OilPriceAs I have argued for years, Syria to a large extent has been a key Pipelineistan war not only in terms of pipelines inside Syria, and the US preventing Damascus from commercializing its own

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On March 11, 2011, the Syrian conflict started and has been waging for more than seven years, killing hundreds of thousands of people. The current estimate of people killed in the conflict is above 470,000. Many actors in the conflict are pushing their strategic military agenda. These nations include the United States, Russia, Iran, Syria, [] The US-Russia gas pipeline war in Syria could destabilise Most of the foreign belligerents in the war in Syria are gas-exporting countries with interests in one of the two competing pipeline projects that seek to cross Syrian territory to deliver either

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This proposed pipeline would obviously compete directly with the Arab Gas Pipeline and its goal of delivering Mideast natural gas to Europe. Most Arabs view the Islamic Pipeline as a Shiite pipeline serving Shiite interests. After all, it originates in Shiite Iran, passes through Shiite Iraq, and flows into Shiite controlled Syria. Why Syria? An Examination of the Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipeline I n the summer of 2011, just weeks after civil war broke out in Syria, the Tehran Times released a report entitled, Iran, Iraq, Syria Sign Major Gas Pipeline Deal.The report provided details on Iranian plans to export its vast natural gas reserves to Europe through a pipeline that traverses both Iraq and Syria.

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Gas pipeline blast near Damascus cuts power across Natural gas is commonly used as a fuel to run power plants. The 1,200 kilometer (745-mile) Arab Gas Pipeline delivers the fuel from Peru to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.Syrian war explainer:Is it all about a gas pipeline The proposed Qatar-Turkey gas pipeline that goes through Syria. THE Syrian war often seems like a big confusing mess but one factor that is not often mentioned could be the key to unlocking the conflict. Some experts have pointed out that many of the key players