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l Repair of damaged factory applied corrosion protection and anticorrosion to pipe surface. l Outlining weld beads and cut backs prior to wrapping bare-welded joints. l Outlining seams on spiral and seam welded pipe. Features & Benefits . l Excellent adhesion to a wide range of industries, steel piping.

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Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd as a world-class production and service provider of submerged arc straight seam welded pipe as the first subsidiary of Shinestar Group dealing with Steel pipes (hot dipped galvanizing, anti-corrosion coating, fabricating, and other customized services), stocking, marketing, logistics to project procurement Anti-corrosion Technology of Seamless Anti-corrosion Steel Jul 06, 2021 · Anti-corrosion technology of seamless anti-corrosion steel pipe:The production process of seamless anticorrosive steel pipes is relatively mature, and all kinds of anticorrosion can be produced. Among them, seamless anticorrosive steel pipes have outstanding performance advantages.

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Anti-corrosion steel pipe is processed through the preservation process, which can effectively prevent or slow down the process in the transport and use of chemical or electrochemical corrosion reaction of steel pipe. FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) coating; Internal and External Anti-corrosion pipe Standard; The difference between the anti-corrosion & insulation pipes Anticorrosion Technology of Buried Petroleum PipelineSep 09, 2020 · Due to the complex terrain and different soil properties in the area where the pipeline crosses, different external anti-corrosion measures are required for buried steel pipelines. The main characteristics of the development of pipeline external anticorrosion technology are embodied in the high performance, compounding, long use time and good economy of anticorrosive materials.

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Mar 01, 2018 · 2, Safety Analysis Straight seam steel pipe is mainly caused by uneven cooling caused by residual stress.Residual stress is the internal self-balance stress without external force, all kinds of hot-rolled sections have such residual stress section, the general steel section The larger the size, the greater the residual stress.Residual stress, although self-balancing, but the performance of steel Difference in ERW and SAWL - Alloy Pipe, Tubes, Ceramic Difference in ERW and SAWL. Straight seam welded steel pipe, according to welding process can be divided into high frequency resistance welding and submerged arc welding, longitudinal submerged arc welded is short for SAWL, high-frequency straight seam resistance welding is short for ERW.

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EFW pipe vs ERW pipe. Electric Fusion Welding (EFW steel pipe) refers to an electron beam welding, the use of high-speed movement of the electron beam directed impact kinetic energy is converted to heat the workpiece so that the workpiece leaving the melt, the formation of the weld.. It is mainly used for welding dissimilar steel welding sheet or which high power density, metal weldment can LSAW Steel Pipe,SAWL Steel Pipe Manufacturers, LSAW pipe SAWL Pressure Pipe. LSAW Casing Pipe OD508MM-1524MM. 762mm Big OD Casing Pipe J55/K55. 3LPE Anti-corrosion Coated Steel Pipes. 3LPP Anti-corrosion Coated Steel Pipes. SAWL Water Pipe. FBE Anti-corrosion Coated Steel Pipes. Polyurethane foam insulation pipeline. Epoxy Lined Steel Pipes.


Tianjin Xinyue Steel Group main prodects:ASTM A252 Spiral Steel Pipe,ASTM A106 GR B Carbon Steel Pipe,API 5L GR B Seamless Steel Pipe,ASTM A53 GR B Black Steel Pipe,HELICAL WELDED STEEL PIPE,Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded steel Pipe. LSAW Steel Pipe-Spiral Steel Pipe_Carbon Steel Pipe Tianjin Xinyue Steel Group main prodects:ASTM A252 Spiral Steel Pipe,ASTM A106 GR B Carbon Steel Pipe,API 5L GR B Seamless Steel Pipe,ASTM A53 GR B Black Steel Pipe,BS1139 Scaffolding Tube,Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded steel Pipe.

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Aug 24, 2020 · In the anti-corrosion construction process of oil and gas pipelines, the surface treatment of ERW welded pipes is one of the key factors that determine the pipeline's anti-corrosion service life. It is the premise of whether the anti-corrosion layer and ERW welded pipe can be firmly combined. According to the research of professional research institutions, the life of the anti-corrosion layer Production Process of Straight Seam Welded PipeApr 30, 2021 · Straight seam steel pipe is a steel pipe whose weld seam is parallel to the longitudinal direction of the steel pipe. Straight seam steel pipes can be divided into high-frequency straight seam steel pipes and submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipes according to the production process. Straight seam welded pipe has simple production process, high production efficiency, low cost and

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Sand Control Screen. This company has developed together with the relevant scientific research organizations series filter products for petroleum chemical filtration:Oil sand control screen (anti-sand filter blocks), spiral welded stainless steel filter tube (spiral welded pipe), straight seam welded stainless steel filter tubes, well received by the oil field customers. Spiral steel pipe pile and the difference between the Strength Spiral steel pipe is generally higher than the straight seam steel pipe, the main production process, can also be used to produce submerged arc spiral pipe narrow diameter large diameter pipe, pipe diameter in the production of different diameter can be the same width. , Compared to straight seam pipe, the length is the same, the weld length is 30 ~ 100%, and the productivity is low.

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For example,12 Inch pipe can also be made by a high-frequency welding and LSAW steel pipe, since it is small diameter,we usually do not made it into LSAW pipe. 2.LSAW straight seam steel production process was formed by JCOE Molding process, forming process is complex, forming efficiency is lower than that of ERW forming process. The main production process of large - Welded Steel PipeThe main production process of large diameter straight seam welded pipe. Longitudinal welded pipes are formed by bending steel plates or steel strips and then welding them. According to the weld form, it is divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe (ssaw steel pipe). According to the purpose, it is divided into general

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Anti-corrosion steel base material including spiral, straight seam pipe, seamless pipe, etc., are widely used in our long-distance water, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heating, sewage treatment, water, bridges, steel, marine water piling pipeline engineering. 7) Advantages:improve the life of the steel pipe; What are the manufacturing processes of straight seam Straight seam steel pipes can be divided into high-frequency straight seam steel pipes and submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipes according to the production process. anti-corrosion and coating treatment are carried out in order to complete the entire treatment process.

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High-frequency resistance welding steel pipe, welding pipe and ordinary welding process is not the same, the weld is made of the base metal melt from the body, the mechanical strength is better than the general pipe. Smooth appearance, high precision, low cost weld high and small, favorable 3PE anti-corrosion coating.Characteristics and Uses of Straight Seam Steel PipesJun 29, 2021 · The diameter of anticorrosive submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe(lsaw steel pipe) is above 325, and the diameter of anticorrosive high frequency straight seam steel pipe(erw steel pipe) is below 426. Corresponding anti-corrosion measures are taken for the inner and outer walls of steel pipes according to different requirements and application environments.