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A-286 Bolts. IN-STOCK. Lightning Bolt is an industry leader in the global exotic alloy fastener market. Incoloy A-286 bolts are known throughout the industry because of their high strength and resistance to corrosion, and creep at elevated temperatures. The Incoloy / iron-nickel-chromium alloy is best suited for applications up to 1300F.

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A286 Bolts Price List. Factory supply high quality a286 fasteners stainless steel wheel bolt with. Price - US $0.01-3 / Piece. alloy A286 EN1.4980 fasteners concrete eye bolts anchors. Price - US $0.1-10 / Piece. High Quality Stainless Steel A286 Hex Tap Bolts. Price - US $0.02-0.1 / Pieces. A286 Bolts. A286 Fastener Inventory Including Socket Head Cap ScrewsUNS S66286. A286 is a super-austenitic alloy, the slim majority of its chemical content is iron. Its notable feature is its strength. Tensile values can range to over 210 KSI depending on the heat treat procedure. In addition, A286 is heat resistant and is used frequently in jet engines and in gas turbines.

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A286 Datasheet. A286 (1.4980) fasteners, also known as Alloy 660 fasteners are stainless steel alloy which contains iron, nickel and chromium. A286 fasteners are known for their high strength, creep resistance and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures once age hardened. As a result, A286 fasteners provide high levels of strength from A286 Fasteners Supplier, A286 Stainless Steel Nuts, Alloy The A286 is an iron, nickel, chromium alloy that has the addition of molybdenum and titanium in it that offers great resistance corrosion, pitting resistance to chloride and crevice corrosion resistance. Also, the A-286 Fasteners offers great mechanical properties in it such as high tensile strength, great yield strength, good durability and easy performance of the grade.

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Fasteners from A286 are one of our most requested items. A286 is an iron-nickel-chromium super alloy with additions of molybdenum and titanium. It is useful for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance up to 1300 Deg F and for lower stress applications at higher temperatures. A286 Stainless Steel Fasteners, ASTM A286 Grade 660 bolts carries a complete line of a453 gr 660 nut, Astm A286 Bolts, Alloy A286 Stainless Steel Nuts And Bolts, A286 Self Locking Nut in mumbai, India. A286 Stainless Steel Fasteners are an austenitic, iron based alloy that can be age hardened to a high tensile strength level.Age hardening the Alloy A286 Stainless Steel Nuts And Bolts refers to precipitation hardening in metallurgical terms.Precipitation hardening occurs when the a286 stainless steel bolts

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A286 is an austenitic age-hardenable iron based superalloy that is melted as AOD+ESR. This alloy has excellent strength even at high temperatures up to 1500 o F. This grade has excellent creep resistance making it excellent for critical high temperature applications such as jet engine components and high temperature fasteners and springs. A286 Steel A286 Round Bar A286 Plate A286 Flat Bar A286 Steel is available in many specifications. A286 Steel is available in many shapes such as round bar, flat bar or rectangular bar), hex bar, sheet, plate and square bar. If theres a size or shape not listed call Michlin Metals today with any A-286 needs. Please contact us to request a quote. We specialize in hard to find material.

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Jul 09, 2018 · Grade 660 is the ASTM designation for this material. 1.4980 is the EN numeric designation. S66286 is the UNS number. And A-286 is the common industry name. Chemical Composition of Alloy A286 Stainless Steel *Different international standards have designated different values for A286 Alloy. Below is a typical table for main components. ASTM A453 660, Alloy A286, 660A, 660B, 660C, 660DHague Fasteners are experts in the manufacture and supply of small quantity A286 (class 660) Bolts & General Fasteners to International Standards & OEM Drawings Incoloy Alloy A286. General. ASME SA453 660, S66286, W. Nr. 1.4980, ASTM A638, ASME SA638, SAE AMS 5726, SAE AMS 5731, SAE AMS 5732, SAE AMS 5734, SAE AMS 5737, SAE AMS 5895, BS

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660B, alloy A286 is a popular specification in the oil & gas industry and is widely used in aircrafts and industrial gas turbines. Typical applications include afterburner parts, fasteners, sockets, schrews, jet engine blades, turbine wheels and exhaust parts. Analysis Carbon 0.08% max Chromium 13.00-16.00% Manganese 2.00% max Nickel 24.00-27.00% ASTM Bolts Boltport FastenersASTM Bolts. Manufacturer of ASTM Bolts in high tensile, high strength carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, corrosion resistant weathering steel and other high alloys to ASTM A193, A307, A325, A354, A453, A490, A540, F1554, F3125 and many other ASTM material specifications. Boltport Fasteners is specialized in manufacturing and supply of

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(e.g., ASTM A638 Grade 660 Type 1; ASTM A453 Grade 660 Class A, ASTM A891 Type 1; AMS 5737) MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Tensile (room temperature), typical UTS 0.2% YS Elongation RA Grain size Hardness Product ksi MPa ksi MPa % % ASTM # HRC Specification 10 RCS 159 1096 112 772 26 44 5 35 AMS 5895 5 RND 160 1103 108 745 26 41 6 32 AMS 5732 Alloy 286 Data - MAHER Precipitation hardenable iron based super alloy High strength and corrosion resistant up to 704°C Excellent fabrication characteristics Often referred to as Grade 660 or Incoloy ® A286 Alloy A286 is a precipitation hardenable iron-based super alloy with additions of

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Alloy A286 Stainless Steel is designed for applications requiring high strength and good corrosion resistance. An advantage of A286 is that it can be precipitation hardened and strengthened by heat treatments. UNS S66286, A-286 Stainless, Alloy A-286 Stainless Steel, A-286 Alloy, Grade 660, ASTM A638 (VO1.03), A453 (VO1.01), Hex Bolts, Nuts and Screws A286 Bolts, Nuts, and Screws Hex Bolts A286 Specifications. Atlanta Rod manufactures A286 hex bolts, nuts, and studs to your custom specifications, and we guarantee to meet your delivery schedule. A286 alloy is a heat and corrosion resistant austenitic ironbase material which can be age hardened to a high strength level. This alloys content is similar in chromium

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Stainless Steel A286 is a precipitation-hardenable super-alloy based on iron. The material finds use in applications requiring high strength, paired with corrosion resistance up to 1300 °F (700 °C). Besides, the alloy has other favorable properties, including excellent fabrication characteristics, low-temperature non-magnetic strength [down to -320 °F (-196 °C)], and ductility. Thanks to UNS S66286 (A-286, ASTM Grade 660) Stainless Steel May 30, 2020 · UNS S66286 (A-286, ASTM Grade 660) Stainless Steel S66286 stainless steel is a precipitation-hardening stainless steel formulated for primary forming into wrought products. Grade 660 is the ASTM designation for this material. S66286 is the UNS number.

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ASTM A286 1.4980 Hex Bolt Duplex and Super duplex, Incoloy, Inconel, hastelloy, monel screw, stud bolt, hex bolt, hex nut, washer, thread rod or other custom fasteners as print. , Ltd is specialized in supplying non-standard machinery parts, precision metal parts, CNC machining parts, special bolt, nut, pin, turned parts, hardware in steel, alloy steel, Cu, Al, super stainless steel and so on.A286 Bolts A-286 - Extreme BoltA286 / Alloy 660 (1.4980) for excellent high temperature oxidation resistance. A286 (1.4980) bolts, also known as Alloy 660 bolts are stainless steel alloy which contains iron, nickel and chromium. A286 bolts are known for their high strength, creep resistance and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures once age hardened. As a result, A286 bolts provide high levels of strength from room temperature up